A Band and a Beer

A Band and a Beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It was perfect down here by the bayou. My husband works for an international company and, believe it or not, there are some Irishmen in our little town. I couldn’t wait to meet them. I knew to expect their heavy brogue accent as my husband had several conference calls at the house. I do not know how they understood one another. I could not understand the man at all. My husband has a Spanish accent. It sounded like a U.N. business negotiation. Wait a minute, it was one! My husband laughed when I asked him to explain what I heard. He told me that for a real auditory treat I should listen to one of Google Hangout Meetings. People are from Dubai, Brazil, Panama and I think Africa. Too many accents for me!

At today’s party, I could understand everyone. They had all lived in the states for some years. They were all married to American who recognized polite confusion. They would interpret for their husbands if needed. The food was indescribable. The beef stew was so good. The man marinated it for three days in Guiness. I now love shepherd pie. The butter and cheese was delicious. The consistency of the cookies were like the inside of a fig newton, only firmer. They were chocolate and really good. The band sprinkled in a few Irish songs. The weather provided a 75 degree temperature, a breeze and lots of sun. Today was a wonderful day!


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