Whole Foods with a Bar

Whole Foods with a Bar

Our neighboring town opened a Whole Foods Store this past summer that included a bar. Everyone was a little stunned. I had been in several whole food stores in Texas and never did see a bar. We are a lively crowd down here in bayou land. Our festivals start in August and roll right into Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Year’s Day usually brings a close to the holiday season in the rest of the United States, but not so in Cajun Land. Our Mardi Gras debutant balls and Krewes start on Jan. 6.  We do take a break after Fat Tuesday starts the Lenten Season. This time of sacrifice does not seem bad as crawfish season coincides with this period. Crawfish is our substitute for meat on Fridays. We also enjoy crabs, oysters and fish.  We usually eat with lots of friends, family and music.

I was so happy to see the produce section. We have a small market in Lafayette that is open daily and a large market that is available on Saturday mornings. I cannot always make the drive during the week and Saturday mornings are reserved for errands. Our area of South Louisiana is expanding rapidly. This is a very good thing!


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