Big Time Health Kick

Big Time Health Kick

I spent quite a bit of time at our new Whole Foods store yesterday. I came home armed with organic produce and the intention of starting a new, healthy diet. I spent the last two weeks eating vegetables and fruit. I have almost given up diet coke. I am now drinking decaffeinated tea and coffee with a little Stevia. I have always scheduled three days a week at the gym and attend yoga class twice a week. I am feeling very healthy.

It was to my great surprise that I included a Detox Cleanse box of herbs in my purchase. I came home to read more information about Detoxing on the internet. All of my yoga teachers have mentioned it as a great addition to their regimen. I do believe I am ready to up my game. Let’s see how this goes and I might consider a juicer next. Holy Moly, I AM going Granola.


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