Epiphany… Enlightenment… Understanding

I think I finally understand the difference between arts integration and arts enhancement. My last observation included a checklist of the characteristics of arts integration.  The sequence of my lesson was as follows:

Vocabulary : Rhythm and Patteren

Identify rhyming sounds within spelling words

Identify patterns of skip counting in math

spelling words  to poem

poem to song

presenting song to class while others kept  the beat by patting our thighs

cartoon strip with dialogue of the song including a prequel and sequel frame to paragraph explaining cartoon strip.

 paragraph explaining the cartoon strip

I think if I had played a song first and then just used the words from the song to continue the lesson, it would have been arts integration. What do you think? I only have ½ hour and finished on the stroke of the hour. I could have had them write the story during center time. I also could extend the lesson to the next day by having the students act out the cartoon strip and have the class evaluate what the poem was about. Any ideas?


One thought on “Epiphany… Enlightenment… Understanding

  1. margaretsmn March 27, 2015 at 11:14 pm Reply

    I am baffled between the two terms. Integration would mean that it is integral to the learning process? Sounds like you are getting a handle on all this.
    Sorry I have missed reading your blog lately. Home stretch! You can do it!


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