The BayouWarrior Welcomes The Tibetan Monks

me n monk Monk sand manadala

Yes! Right here along the Bayou we had a magnificent event! It was a very well kept secret. Secrets have always shown themselves to the BayouWarrior.

I received my invitation through a whisper. I have seen many impossible things. It is my birthright as well as a gift bestowed on me at the Warrior Ceremony during Harvest Moon on the grounds where Jean Lafitte buried his largest stash of gold.

Imagine my surprise to witness the construction as well as the desecration of a Sand Mandala. I also heard the sounds of many ceremonial instruments that were unknown to me. I listened to scared chants that rivaled the sounds of the haunted bayou spirits.

I was so enthralled that I did not notice the gaze of someone’s eyes upon me as they began to move towards me. I turned to the pathway that seem to open on my side. I tensed and warily planted my feet. I realized that I had lapsed in keeping up my guard. It was a friend! It was a wonderful friend from eons ago. It was she, Helen, that was moving towards me with steps that carried the light, energy and sounds of the monks. How could this be?

I began to understand how Helen could walk with the spirit of the monks. She was responsible for escorting them from Tibet to South Louisiana. She had worked alongside of them and knew them. What a magnificent treat! As we talked, I related the fact that I had just been introduced to chanting in the fall and had been researching the implications of spirituality in ancient eastern religions. I explained that last year I read a book called Quantum Theology written by a priest. This book joined science and religion in a way that validated both subjects. Finally, someone had written words that brought me solace. It cleared away all of the “whys” of science that have bothered me up until this time. It opened the doorway to spirituality.

At the end of our conversation, Helen asked if I would be interested in accompanying a group from Tulane in October to live and work alongside these monks in Tibet. I responded, “I am honored”.

The BayouWarrior


One thought on “The BayouWarrior Welcomes The Tibetan Monks

  1. Chris (readsomuch) March 30, 2015 at 12:47 am Reply

    How exciting! It’s so enlightening to study religions and cultures. I’m intrigued by the monks from Tibet.


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