Spring Clothes Change Out

Spring Clothes Change Out

Call me crazy, but I LOVE organizing my closet! It is mindless, therapeutic and so pretty when I am finished. A local store went out of business and received tons of summer merchandise during the fall months. I am talking summer festival dresses that were $35.00 were on sale for $3.50. I kid you not! And if that isn’t totally wonderful, I figured out how to move my linens upstairs which frees up another whole closet! My life is bursting with blessings. My closet is glorious! I love changing out my closet. Wait.. I have to go now. I need to admire my closet yet again. See you tomorrow.


A Game: Walking with Music

Walking with Music

I like to play a game called “Walking with Music”.  I imagine the acoustics with each footstep. I play with people I know, as well as people I do not know. Sometimes, it is easy to hear the sound, but hard to identify the instrument. Here are a few people I have identified:

Ashana steps spring to a joyful, stringed instrument like a zither or something from the midieval times. I hear the twitter of small birds.

Ryan silently glides to the profound sound of a deep Tibetian Chant.

John dances to a stringed instrument which carries a light classical tune containing varied fun fuges.

Katie walks with an acoustical guitar soloist. Her tune is a fun, warm hug carrying giggles. You can feel yourself falling and sinking right into its lovely chords.

Vince’s footsteps are soft, but his music is a pounding rock and roll sound from the 70’s.

Sophia’s silent step carries two beats. One I can’t see or feel, but the other is the sound of a lotus blossoming.

Jessica has a light skip filled with laughter, happiness and sunshine.

Dennis glides with the breezy sounds of nature. I think his steps carry all seasons. I can tell because the birds call change with the season.

Neil treads with a deep, slow, languid beat with the call of a deep sounding primitive drum that fills the room. Other times, he dances and I think it might be to a Jamaican steel drum. The kind that is like hammered pewter with a plethora of different size beats that carry the sounds for a long time.

Kelley’s step is light. It is still forming, but carries the tinkle of a delicate shell wind chime.

Miguel has a measured step and carries all of the sounds of water. I hear the pounding of the Pacific and the ebb and flow of the Atlantic. I feel the lull of a bayou as well as the rushing of a river. I also can feel the sound of a pacific wave as it thunders over a huge rock and gently spills on the other side in a waterfall curtain. One of my favorite places is waiting in delicious anticipation to see just how much of the waterfall will spill.

The Bayou Warrior usually scurries with the notes of any pleasant engaging sound that she hears along her busy way, but the tune and her step are changing. I think it might include a happy whistle amongst the cypress forests. We shall see.

A Teacher’s Tears of Joy

A Teacher’s Tears of Joy

Two wonderful things happened today. I received my first phone call from a parent asking about her son. She wanted to know about behavior changes as he experienced a “major meltdown” at home. I explained that I had not noticed anything in particular and that he had not complained about anything explicit. As the conversation drew to a close, I asked her if she would mind sharing what happened so I could avoid or address a situation if I could see warning signs.

She replied, “H realized you were not going to be his teacher next year.” The tears flooded my eye, but they didn’t fall.

I took a deep breath to calm my elation. Then, I called a struggling student to my desk for a reading conference to gage her comprehension progress. This child arrived to second grade with a comprehension level that corresponded to the first grade at approximately the third month-first month. Imagine my surprise when she scored at a third grade level. I thought I was hallucinating. I asked her to return to her seat and told the class to silently read at their desk. I turned to face the window and let the tears flow. A few hours later, I retested her. She tested at the second grade level at approximately the seventh month.

I was so appreciative of their efforts, I let them play “teacher” for two entire hours. I wanted them to understand that I know what they felt when as they struggled to learn. I became the student who was frustrated, crying, giving up, looking out the window, complaining and interrupting. I was the student who solved the equation, but could not explain the process of completion. I was the student who jumped up for joy when I understood a concept, turned to explain things to my partner, gave myself a pat on the back or got up to take three belly breaths in our belly breath mirror.

When their voices sounded exasperated and fussy, I put my head down and pretended I was crying. When I came to them with an imagined paper cut and asked for ice during a lesson, the tables were turned. “NO,” they all cried, “You are just trying to get out of class”.

We all hugged and consoled each other. For now, we totally had seen a glimpse of what the other went through. Three of them vowed to never be a teacher.

It was a happy day!


Big Time Health Kick

Big Time Health Kick

I spent quite a bit of time at our new Whole Foods store yesterday. I came home armed with organic produce and the intention of starting a new, healthy diet. I spent the last two weeks eating vegetables and fruit. I have almost given up diet coke. I am now drinking decaffeinated tea and coffee with a little Stevia. I have always scheduled three days a week at the gym and attend yoga class twice a week. I am feeling very healthy.

It was to my great surprise that I included a Detox Cleanse box of herbs in my purchase. I came home to read more information about Detoxing on the internet. All of my yoga teachers have mentioned it as a great addition to their regimen. I do believe I am ready to up my game. Let’s see how this goes and I might consider a juicer next. Holy Moly, I AM going Granola.

AWAKE: The Life of Yoganada

Awake: The Life of Yoganda

Incredible! I was entertained, educated and enlightened. This movie was and eye-opener. Yoganada was the first person to bring yoga as well as the principles of the religion to the U.S. The movie included many interviews from Harvard and Jefferson Universities. The fields of the professors included medical and religious. Einstein theories were explained in relationship to the Buddist religion. I was so happy to hear this information as I just finished the book, Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O’Murchu. I have not been able to find anyone who has read this book. I have been searching for someone to share it with. I checked online, but the forums are too advanced.

If by chance you have read this book, please let me know

The BayouWarrior

Whole Foods with a Bar

Whole Foods with a Bar

Our neighboring town opened a Whole Foods Store this past summer that included a bar. Everyone was a little stunned. I had been in several whole food stores in Texas and never did see a bar. We are a lively crowd down here in bayou land. Our festivals start in August and roll right into Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Year’s Day usually brings a close to the holiday season in the rest of the United States, but not so in Cajun Land. Our Mardi Gras debutant balls and Krewes start on Jan. 6.  We do take a break after Fat Tuesday starts the Lenten Season. This time of sacrifice does not seem bad as crawfish season coincides with this period. Crawfish is our substitute for meat on Fridays. We also enjoy crabs, oysters and fish.  We usually eat with lots of friends, family and music.

I was so happy to see the produce section. We have a small market in Lafayette that is open daily and a large market that is available on Saturday mornings. I cannot always make the drive during the week and Saturday mornings are reserved for errands. Our area of South Louisiana is expanding rapidly. This is a very good thing!

International Movie Night via Gathr

International Movie Night via Gathr

Well, strike me down with a feather! I recently met a group of people that are nice, educated and seeking “brain food”. Some of them live in Lafayette and some have moved from other states. One person suggested that we bring International movies to our area. I did not even know that this was possible. We are using a site called, Gathr. You request a local movie theater to bring a certain film. Then, everyone spreads the link through Facebook.  At our particular theatre, the minimum requirement of attendance was 32. You have approximately three weeks to meet this quota. Believe it or not, we met our quota in 10 days.

I urge you to seek out this site if you are interested in bringing a little culture to your area.